February 13, 2018

Youth Program

The goals of our youth program are:

  • To build leaders – Teenagers who know how to lain, daven from the amud, give divrei Torah and develop skills in group dynamics and leadership.
  • To engage the youth of our Kehilla by providing attractive and entertaining activities, which are fun, meaningful and educational.

Kehillat Menorat Hamaor has an active youth program falling under the jurisdiction of one of our Board members, Yoni Schamroth with inspirational support of our Youth Director, Binyamin Dobkin. We are blessed to have several members of our Kehilla and Board who actively participate, manage and support various dimensions of the youth program which includes regular Shabbat youth minyanim followed by a shiur and Kiddush for ages 10 and above,  tots & young children story telling with Shimon Cohen after Shabbat davening for ages up to 6 years, Shabbat activities after davening for girls aged 8-12 with Tifferet Fish, boys Shabbat shiurim for ages 1 to 6 and  father and child learning (Avot V’yeladim) each Motzei Shabbat or erev Shabbat (during the summer months).

The peer-lead Shabbat youth minyan represents a committed and energetic group of children from 10 years and older whose participation and commitment extend beyond Shabbat.  Boys learn to daven, lain and gain skills in group dynamics.  Examples of tiyulim and programs include laser tag at Latrun, a fundraising learnathon in which boys learned Mishnayot, Psukim, Amudot of Gemarrah.  A youth director will soon be hired to grow the youth program to the next level.

For more information about our youth program, please contact our Board member for youth, Yoni Schamroth by email at yonaliz@gmail.com or call 054 529 6673

Pictures from our December 2018 Ten Pin bowling outing in Beit Shemesh:

Ten Pin Bowling Event December 2018

Ten Pin Bowling Event December 2018