2006 to Present

We moved into our new building in 2006, which, at present, is the lower floor of our future completed home.  Our shul has always tried to be a place that accepts everyone with love.  Flowing from the leadership of our beloved Rav, every type of Jew is welcome. We are known as a generous and caring community; Read more about 2006 to Present[…]


We soon realized the need to build our own building. Dov Frohlich and Philip Braude took on the task and slowly we saw the dream become a reality.


After many meetings, it was decided to “take the plunge” and purchase the cottage at the end of Nachal Maor from the Chabad school.  Ten brave members signed as security and we purchased our first shul.  The place was crowded (especially when Rav Twersky spoke!).


The real beginnings of  Menorat Hamaor.  We davened in the homes of several local families in the area.  Every week chairs were schlepped and   patient families had their lounges invaded.  At this point, this was the only Shul in the area.


The first Minyan on Maor.  Rav Shurin came from Har Nof every Shabbat and hosted the Shul in his apartment.