February 11, 2018


Kehillat Menorat Hamaor is a center of the Ramat Beit Shemesh Torani Leumi Orthodox, Zionist community in RBS Aleph where people of all ages and religious backgrounds come to learn and daven.  We are guided foremost by our constitution and also by our long-term strategic plan which is updated annually.

We host an array of well attended shiurim and lectures at various levels which appeal to and support the religious and spiritual growth as well as the personal and intellectual growth of our membership of all backgrounds and ages. These shiurim occur during the day and evening and are offered in both English and Hebrew. Our adult programs offer Ulpanim at various levels, social events, holiday parties, movie nights and tiyulim.

Our youth program is thriving with a full youth minyan every Shabbat and during the chagim.  Youth Shabbat is celebrated twice a year with our teens leading Shabbat davening in the main shul.  Our dynamic youth leader develops and implements an array of weekday and Shabbat learning and social programs as well as periodic tiyulim and chesed projects.

The Maor seniors club, embraced and partially funded by the Iriyah, attracts people from throughout the local community to participate in social and learning programs as well as interesting tiyulim geared to the interests of our senior members.

We are leaders in gemilut chesed, providing support for those members of our Kehilla in financial need, offering support through bikur cholim to the home bound, providing meals for those who need it and providing emergency transportation to medical facilities.

Our newly completed building is replete with a well-equipped library of sefarim and on-line shiurim available on our shul computer. The main synagogue, used for daily minyanim, Shabbat, chagim tefillot and shiurim seats 215 men with a comfortable women’s balcony offering a clear view of the services with room for 120 worshippers.  The lower, multipurpose floor is used by our Youth Minyan on Shabbat, chagim and other special occasions and also serves as a weekday and Shabbat Beit Midrash, Kiddush room and social/banquet hall where shul and private events take place. The lower floor also divides into several meeting rooms.

We are led by passionate and committed rabbinical leadership, well organized and structured lay leadership and supported by an enthusiastic and engaged membership.  We are a magnet for the influx of new residents expected to move into the immediate and surrounding areas as Ramat Beit Shemesh continues to expand its population.