February 24, 2018

Video Shiurim – Archives

Video 1865 R. Danny Myers 'The fulfillment of Mitzvoth is not defined an Hanaah (pleasure)'

Video 1864 R. Danny Myers 'In memory of Ari Fuld HY"D'

Video 1863 R. Danny Myers 'The incredible joy of Teshuva!!!'

Video 1862 R. Danny Myers 'Our holy brothers in Ramat Bait Shemesh Bet!!'

Video 1861 R. Danny Myers '50,000 idolaters in Uman on Rosh Hashana?'

Video 1860 R. Danny Myers 'Hakhail-Compromising your spirituality for the sake of others'

Video 1859 R. Danny Myers 'Moshe's farewell message to Yehoshua: be strong in front of the Nation'

1858 R. Myers 'We must take ALL of the Aseret Yimai Teshuva Tefila changes seriously'

Video 1857 R. Danny Myers 'Closing the PLO Mission in USA & Belief in God'

1856 R. Myers 'Blowing Shofar when it causes the lips to bleed-P'sik Raisha on 2 Rabanans'

Video 1855 R. Danny Myers 'Can one blow Shofar if it will cause his lips to bleed?'

Video 1854 R. Danny Myers 'Is Rosh Hashana a day of Simcha, or a day of Awe?'