Shul Yom HaAtzmaut 5778 Acivities

Our shul Yom Haatzmaut BBQ was a great success. Behind the scenes and on the scene, our hakorat hatov goes out to our:

Sponsors: Yitzi & Jenna Lipschitz, Shimon & Miriam Cohen, Stan & Jackie Ehrlich, Mort & Edie Barr
Donations from: Julian Hurwitz, Madeliene Margalit
Set-up Support: Debbie Apfel, Ron Weiss, Stan Ehrlich, Shimon Cohen, David Aremband, Edie Barr, Yoni, Aliza & Uriel Schamroth
Musical & Speakers Program: Shimon Cohen, Akiva Lane, Edie Barr, Jenna Lipschitz, Myrna Hellmann, Rabbi Myers
Organizing Committee: Yoni Schamroth, Yitzi Lipschitz, Shimon Cohen, Stan Ehrlich, Mort Barr (many of whom helped serve food and support the BBQ in many ways)
Video & Audio Equipment: Alvin Schamroth

Here are some pictures of the BBQ and a few pictures of our festive Yom HaAtzmaut davening: