January 8, 2022

Shiurim Schedule

Our apologies, we are currently undergoing problems with the tabular presentation of the shiurim schedule here. Please consult recent editions of the newsletter for an up-to-date schedule, such as you may be able to find here.


ShiurGiven ByWhereSundayMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridayShabbat
Gemara Biyun with Mareh MekomotRabbi MyersShul & Zoom15:305:305:305:305:30
Mishna YomitRabbi MyersShul7:007:007:007:007:007:45
Mishna BeruraRabbi JoffeBack of the Shul7:30
Netivot ShalomDovi SchamrothBack of the Shul7:30
Chumash ShiurRabbi FinnZoom29:00
Hilchot Shabbat in the KitchenRabbi MyersZoom115:35-16:0015:35-16:0015:35-16:0015:35-16:00
Parsha Shiur Rabbi MyersZoom115:35-16:00
Contemporary SugyotRabbi MyersShul20:00
Moreh NevuchimRabbi KosowerMaor 8A/120:00
Halacha Chabura Tzurba M'rabananRabbi FinnZoom220:00
Halacha ShiurRabbi MyersShul21:1521:1521:1521:1521:15
2 Minutes of TorahRabbi MyersEmail & WhatsApp1
Daf YomiRabbi LearmanShul21:2021:2021:2021:2021:2020:00
Divrei ChizukRabbi LearmanZoom4
Shiur Before The ShiurRabbi MyersShul45 min before the next shiur
Topics and Tangents in HalachaRabbi MyersShul1 hr before Mincha
Contemporary HalachaRabbi MyersShul5 min before Maariv
Father-Children Learning3Shul45 min after Maariv


1. To join, WhatsApp a message to: +972-51-557-9697, email myers613@gmail.com, or click here.

2. Zoom Meeting #: 2084550854

3. During winter months only

4. Shiur is monthly. To join, email: yonaliz@gmail.com, or click here.