September 18, 2021

Shevi’is Info

This page offers practical information about Shevi’is for the Ramat Beit Shemesh community. See below for:

  • Classifications of produce with respect to Shevi’is and how to treat them
  • Link to Rabbi Myers’ videos on Shemitta
  • Link to Shemitta calendars
  • Other items relating to Shevi’is

This page is a work in progress. For any feedback, including questions and comments, please send email to

ClassificationWhat it meansLocal stores that sell itTreat with Kedushas Shevi'isNotes
ShishisSixth year produce - no kedushas shevi'isANoObserve labels on produce shelves for BEST
Otzar Beis DinProduce distribution system run by beis dinNo otzar beis din besides Otzar HaAretz in RBS area, as far as we currently knowYes
Otzar HaAretz*An organization that strives to support Jewish farmers in Israel BVaries according to product - need to check labels at storeSources of produce include:
- Shishis
- Kedushas shevi'is via otzar beis din
- Matza menutak
- Aravah + heter mechira l'chumra
- Western Negev + heter mechira l'chumra
- Yevul nochri from non-shemitta years
- Yevul chul
Heter MechiraProduce grown on Jewish-owned land in Eretz Yisrael sold to non-Jews for duration of shemitta yearSeven/Eleven (makolet)Some are stringent to treat with Kedushas Shevi'is
Yevul NochriProduce from land in Eretz Yisrael owned by non-JewsCSome are stringent to treat with Kedushas Shevi'isThe non-Jews who purchase the land are usually Arabs
Yevul ChulProduce from outside Eretz YisraelCNo
Southern Arava/Western NegevGrown in parts of Israel not regarded by some to be obligated in laws of Shevi'isASome are stringent to treat with Kedushas Shevi'isHarav Efrati/Badatz Eida HaChareidis supervision does not use heter mechira; other supervisions may use heter mechira
Matza MenutakCompletely indoor hothouse with a plastic barrier between the produce and the groundBEST Park Center
BEST Dil Vazol

* Further information about Otzar HaAretz can be found here:

Store groupings

Where a  letter appears in the Local stores that sell it column, it refers to the following:

  • A: All stores
  • B: BEST Park Center and Super Hatzlacha
  • C: Stores besides BEST Park Center and Super Hatzlacha

Stores in group C

  • BEST Dil Vazol
  • Shuk Mehadrin
  • Yesh
  • Osher Ad
  • Rami Levy
  • Bar Kol (please send current name)

At present, the above store groupings appear adequate for our purposes. If further distinctions are necessary, and to add stores, please send email to

Rabbi Myers on Shemitta


Shemitta calendars

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