February 6, 2018


Kehillat Menorat Hamaor was founded in 2001 in Ramat Bet Shemesh Aleph as a non-political Torani Leumi, Orthodox Jewish Congregation following the customs of the Ashkenazi tradition and guided by our approved Constitution.  From our inception, we strove to foster a Kehilla with a sense of community and with a love of Eretz Yisrael and Medinat Yisrael.  We consider our Kehilla to consist of our members, friends and guests, whom we welcome and embrace regardless of where they are on the religious spectrum.

Our Kehilla ranges in age from youth to seniors. We want to promote not only their religious and spiritual growth but also their personal and intellectual growth.

We believe that what we do as a Kehilla reflects our commitment to three of the major pillars of our faith:  Torah – our Kehilla comes to study Torah and learns Halacha both within chavruta and lecture/presentation frameworks; Avodah – our Kehilla has a most inspiring davening that takes place throughout the year and Gemilut Chesed – our Kehilla is infused with Chesed on many levels including Bikur Cholim, Shiva meals, Tzedakah fund, and other manifestations.

We work to make the environment of Menorat Hamaor warm, friendly and comfortable.

Through our activities and offerings, we aspire to have Menorat Hamaor become an integral part of our Kehilla’s lives, a preeminent Makom Torah and an important resource for our community at large.