February 7, 2018

In Depth Learning of Intriguing Sugyot

Kehillat Menorat Hamaor under the leadership of Rabbi Danny Myers engages in in-depth learning of intriguing Sugyot each Shabbat afternoon one hour prior to Mincha.  We spend  a year or more on each topic, learning the sources and Halachot of each subject matter. We studies Har Habayit, Techeilet, Insects, and many other intriguing topics.

We were honored to hear from Rabbi Pinchas Abramowitz  about the halachic significance of Makom Hamikdash and identification of the precise location of various sections of the Mikdash on Har Habayit, and their ramifications for us today.  Watch the full presentation HERE and watch the Q&A segment here.  Also, select this link to see the key slides from the shiur and select this link to see the 4 basic types of sources proving why we know where the Makom HaMikdash is:  1) Mesorah, 2) Comparison of rabbinic sources (Chazal) to topographical data, 3) the summit of the mountain and 4) archaeological findings

We were honored to hear from Rabbi Yehoshua Yankelowitz of Chevrat Ohel Avraham and Rabbi Mois Navon of the Ptil Techelet Association as part of our quest to learn the Halachot, origins, history, loss and perhaps the finding of Techeilet.

The following video shiur was posted in March, 2018 and describes why Har Habayit is NOT a tourist attraction:  If you go, then go consistently.  Here is why:  VIDEO SHIUR ON WHY HAR HABAYIT IS NOT A TOURIST ATTRACTION