February 7, 2018

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To sponsor a Shabbat Kiddush or rent the Hall

Please contact Ron Weiss at 058 695 6300 or send an email to rw@zrwron.com

Have a question about your shul account or about membership?

Please contact Stan Ehrlich at 054 593 5198 or send an email to ehrlichstan@googlemail.com
Download Membership forms here

Have a suggestion or need to speak with the Chairman?

Please contact Rabbi Nosson Sachs at 053 629 6130 or send an email to nossonsara613@gmail.com

Do you need more information about our Building program?

Please contact Mort Barr at 053 787 5800 or send an email to mortbarr@gmail.com

To ask a question of Rabbi Myers, please access the “Ask The Rabbi Link” or contact him here:

Please call Rabbi Myers at 052 764 5760 or send an email to myers613@gmail.com

Do you need to speak with one of our Gaboyim?

Please contact Shimon Cohen at 050 548 2192 or send an email to shimon@egertcohen.co.ilĀ or Dov Frohlich at 054 595 9733 or send an email to dovfrohlich@yahoo.com

To contact Maor Seniors:

Please call Edie Barr at 054 872 0424 or send an email to edithdale@live.com

Is there a problem with our website?

Please contact Aharon Minkoff via email at webmaster@menorat-hamaor.org