February 13, 2018



Chesed Committee Co-Chairs: Shimon Cohen and Nosson Sachs

Committee Members: Felicia Wedcliffe, Debbie Apfel, Mark Apfel, Atara Beck, Tzvi Hadas

Contact Information:

Nosson Sachs053-629-6130
Shimon Cohen02-991-3736054-548-2192
Felicia Wedcliffe054-251-0583
Debbie Apfel058-690-1586
Mark Apfel058-690-1587
Atara Beck050-259-8144
Tzvi Hadas02-991-7992054-247-5835

Chesed Activities and Primary Contacts

The following list describes some of the Chesed Activities of the committee and the primary Contact person:

A. Shiva Support:  We help set up the home with shiva chairs and siddurim, shiva meals for aveilim and post lavaya & shiva information on the Maor Forum. Contact Nosson Sachs.

B. Bikur Cholim:  We provide home visitations and chavrusot for members who would like visits during illnesses or who are unable to leave their homes. Contact Nosson Sachs.

C. Shabbat Meals:  If you are a visitor or even a member who would like to meet new friends over a warm Shabbat meal contact Shimon Cohen.

D. Meals during Illness:  We’re sad that you are not feeling well. Members who are ill and need temporary help with meals should contact Felicia Wedcliffe.

E. Maternity Meals:  Mazal Tov! We’d like to help with meals after the birth of your child! Please Contact Felicia Wedcliffe.

F. Tzedakah Fund:  Kehillat Menorat Hamaor has a Tzedakah Fund used to provide financial support to members of our Kehilla who require one time or periodic support. It is funded by the membership for the membership and is managed by Stan Ehrlich, Tuvia Fish and Rabbi Myers.  For information, please contact Stan Ehrlich at ehrlichstan@gmail.com or call 054 593 5198