February 4, 2018

Building Fund

Menorat HaMaor started building our Beit Knesset in 2006, completing only the lower level in June 2006, and moving in for Shavuot services. Currently, the lower level functions as our everything room: our shul where we daven, our Kiddush room, our Beit Midrash and our social/function room. In 2017 we built our caravan, on the plaza level where our youth program met to daven on Shabbat, where our tots and children’s program begins after services on Rosh Hashana and which also serves as a small meeting room for our shul and community.

We are now privileged to have over 120 member families; we do not have enough space to meet the needs of our membership on Rosh HasShana and Yom Kippur. Space for 140 people miraculously fits 235 like sardines and we have to turn some people away for lack of space. Our limited capacity means that we cannot meet the needs of our growing membership.

The next phase of building is the main floor of the shul which will have seating for more than 240 people. Once the davening moves to the main shul, the downstairs will become available for youth services or an Hashkama Minyan, programming, after-shul kiddushim, a proper Bet Midrash and for shul and community events.

We started construction to complete our building in February 2023 and as of June, the additional foundation, the walls and half of the roof have been built.

To complete the project we need to raise another ₪500,000 or $135,000 (of a total cost of ₪5,300,000). Construction is planned to be complete in December 2023 or January 2024.

If you plan to make a donation to our building campaign in USD or Israeli Shekels, please donate here and contact Stan Ehrlich by phone at 054 593 5198 or via email here. We greatly value your support!