January 19, 2018

Video Shiurim

We have a broad range of video shiurim available for your enjoyment and enrichment produced by Rabbi Myers. This page shows the 12 most recent videos.  Click here to see all of Rabbi Myers’ videos on You Tube.  The shiurim on You Tube are searchable according to the following categories: achdut, bait hamikdash, brachot, chagim, chinuch, daf yomi, eulogy, halacha, har habayit, jewish philosophy, jewish thought, kashruth, kol yisrael araivim, lashon harah, mussar, parsha, question of the day, shabbat, tefila, teshuva

Video 2211 R. Danny Myers 'Must a woman cover her hair in her home?' #2

Video 2210 R. Danny Myers 'Must a women cover her hair in her home?'

Video 2209 R. Kook's opinion regarding one who does not see the miracle of Statehood';

Video 2208 R. Danny Myers 'Is Yom Haazmaut a Biblical holiday?'

Video 2207 R. Danny Myers 'What should one do on Yom Haazmaut?'

Video 2206 R. Danny Myers 'Is there a Mitzvah to have a Mangal-Braai-BBQ-on Yom Haazmaut?'

Video 2205 R. Danny Myers 'Can we make a holiday for the whole nation?'

Video 2204 R. Danny Myers 'How can we make Yom Haazmaut on a day that started a war?

Video 2203 R. Danny Myers 'How do we create a new holiday called Yom Haazmaut?'

2201 R. Myers 'If Israel was created today, would more Charaidim and Satmar Chassidim be Zionists'

Video 2200 R. Danny Myers 'Are Charaidim Zionists?'

Video 2199 R. Danny Myers 'Would you buy a TV if it was invented in 2018?'